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Bespoke Subsea Control Applications

With free consultation and a wealth of experience, Zetechtics supplied many Engineering, Subsea Contractors, Manufacturers and SME’s with bespoke Subsea Control Solutions.

Zetechtics understands the importance of providing clients with the correct solution, and offers a range of control systems that can be linked together (Master Slave Configurations) that are proven technology, incredibly reliable and have advanced 'built in' capabilities already in place.

Linking standard products together ensures we can deliver the functionality required, with standard ‘off the shelf’ control systems to deliver the required application quickly and cost effectively.

Jupiter software is also user configurable and once delivered can be ‘tweaked’ to operate exactly as required with no additional 'varient' cost!




Gasket removal / Change-out tool





Zetechtics supplied a modified 'Jupiter 2 Skid Control System' delivering:

2 x NG6 Proportional Pressure & Flow Valves

8 x NG3 Solenoid Valves

8 x Digital / Analogue Sensors

3 x Camera

2 x Lights

3 x Pressure Transducers

Control Software with additional Graphics Pages and advanced Math's Pack delivered and configurable by the client.


Pipeline Coating Removal Tool (PCRT)




Proserv developed an innovative new PCR tool using state-of-the-art technology for the complete removal of all coatings from subsea pipelines.

Based on 20 years design and engineering, this tool has been developed as an extension to Proserv's suite of highly-effective and field-proven coating removal systems used in some of the most challenging deep-water projects.

After technical discussions with Proserv were finalised, the decision to automate the PCRT with the latest Jupiter 2 technology ensured the complete operation (with continual feedback), provided the best possible outcome with ‘even operation’ and total control over every aspect of the removal phase.

Proserv then decided to automate their entire fleet of PCRT systems with Jupiter 2 control and undertook full training packages to ensure their technical staff were qualified to the highest level!


Glycol Injection Pack

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