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Security Dongles


The security dongle should be fitted to the appropriate port on the surface PC to activate the Jupiter Software license.  Dongles are typically supplied as USB devices, however parallel port, PCMCIA and Cardbus versions are also available.

If a security dongle is not available access to the Jupiter Software is still possible for a period after initial installation on any PC.  Zetechtics can supply license keys and passwords by e-mail or telephone to enable advanced software features or while a new dongle is supplied.

If a dongle is lost or mislaid after Jupiter Software version 5.42 the Jupiter Software will continue to operate for a month while a replacement license key is obtained from Zetechtics.


Evaluation Licence

Evaluation licenses allow short term trials of advanced Jupiter Software features, such as Maths Pack and Torque Tool Calibrator.  These licenses can be tailored to provide access to any features within the Jupiter Software for a specific period.

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