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Jupiter Class 4 API 17D to Petrobras Subsea Adapter

The Jupiter Subsea Petrobras Adapter is an interface extension designed to expand the operational capabilities of a Zetechtics Jupiter Subsea Intelligent Torque Tool.


Used in conjunction with a Zetechtics Class 1–4 Rotary Docking (API 17D) torque tool the adapter allows tooling to be switched seamlessly between API 17D and Petrobras style interfaces during subsea operations.

Using the adapter eliminates the requirement for an ROV to carry multiple tools, or for recovery to the surface to enable a tool change, thereby reducing operational time and costs.

Fast and secure attachment of the adapter is achieved via the latching capabilities of the Zetechtics Class 1–4 Rotary Docking (API 17D) torque tool.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides fast and seamless conversion between API 17D and Petrobras interfaces.
  • Petrobras interfaces include 5 Hex stems, 11/16, 11/4, 15/16, 13/8, 17/16, and a 3/4 Slotted Socket for use with paddle/T-Bar quarter turn Petrobras interface.
  • Maximum Input Torque: 2,711N.m (2,000lbf-ft)
  • Maximum Output Torque:

o 1-1/16" A/F HEX 1200N.m (885lbf.ft)
o 1-1/4" A/F HEX 2000N.m (1475lbf.ft)
o 1-5/16" A/F HEX 2200N.m (1623lbf.ft)
o 1-3/8" A/F HEX 2711N.m (2000lbf.ft)
o 1-7/16" A/F HEX 2711N.m (2000lbf.ft)
o 3/4" T-BAR 1200N.m (885lbf.ft)

  • Handle options include 45° Fishtail or T-Bar.
  • Handle mountings located at three positions around the nose cone (45°, 90° and 135°) to facilitate different manipulator deployment scenarios.
  • Size: - 367 x 260 x 240mm.
  • Weight: 12.7kg (air), 9.2kg (water)
  • Environmental: -10 to 50EC.
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