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Subsea Graphical Data Logger

The Jupiter Subsea Graphical Data logger System builds on the capability of existing Jupiter Subsea Displays.


The SGDS is designed to display the total number of sensor actuations on Subsea tools, modules & installations without the need for a complex control system or datalink.

Critical operations can be monitored and now data logged using an internal 32Gb Mass Storage Device (MSD).                Diagnostic capability allows the operator to test / confirm operation with customisable sensitivity level set-up.


Any displayed image automatically flips upright via an in built accelerometer and also logs this occurrence.


Facilities to log ‘Shock and vibration’ and upload data logs via IrDA ‘infra-red’ with configuration for the SGDS via external RS232 / USB host connections, will present the operator with a user-friendly GUI to configure parameters and execute functions.


The SGDS has 2 inbuilt light sensors that actuate the module only when illuminated by ROV lights or Rig Lights.  This allows the SGDS to remain dormant for years before operation.


The SGDS display shows key data such as battery status, system temperature, date / time.  The display is also highly configurable allowing custom text to be inserted as well as a bitmap such as a client logo and different text colour options to choose from.


Features & Benefits

  • Provides analogue count feedback from “dumb” tools or Subsea Modules scaled as per user needs.
  • 32 GB Data logging and Diagnostics functionality.
  • Infra-red (IR) capability.
  • Accelerometer
  • Rugged Titanium housing, 4000m rated.
  • User configurable via both USB and RS232.
  • Optional output available for connection to control system or datalink.
  • 3 cell Lithium ion batteries.
  • 5 hour full battery charge via USB port.
  • Display is a 3.5” WQVGA display (320 x 480 pixels).
  • Battery status displayed.
  • System Temperature displayed and logged.
  • User Input – text and bitmap option.
  • Display colours are user configurable.
  • 2 x Proximity sensors.
  • External scale change & zero.
  • 2 x Light sensors. Wakened by ROV lighting.
  • 2 x Digital and 1 x Analogue Input.
  • Suitable for any volt free sensor or 3v-5v Proximity Sensor.
  • User scaleable measurement value.
  • Adjustable display frame rate (25-115Hz)



System Specification

Operational Modes 

& Battery Life:

1)       Full power mode – 5 days (display on continuously with full operation).

2)       Idle Mode – as above with no active display (30 days).

3)       Background Running Mode with no data log & reduced operation –  greater than 12 months.

4)       Deep Sleep Mode –  greater than 24 months.

Data Storage:

32 GB

Mechanical / Environmental


148mm (5.83”) Diameter  x 139mm (5.47”) Long.

Display 74mm x 50mm (2.91” x 1.97”)


5.2kg (air) (11lb 7oz)


Operating - 10 to + 55°C

Storage - 20 to + 60 °C


4000msw (13,123 ft.)


Titanium Ti-6Al-4V





Subconn MCBH6M (External USB)

Subconn MCBH6M (RS232 to allow configuration of internal settings)

Subconn MCBH8F (Sensors)




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