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2x4 Digit Jupiter Subsea Display System


All Jupiter Subsea Display Systems are 3,000msw rated, ultra low power with selectable dormant state and can be interfaced to a Jupiter Subsea Control System or datalink.



Integrates the functionality of a counter and an analogue display into a single package.  Allows low cost monitoring of turns, torque, pressure or extension.  User set scales and variables can be easily configured for particular applications.

The Zetechtics range of Jupiter Subsea Control Systems have led to the development of a range of stand-alone battery powered subsea display systems.  The 2x4 Digit Jupiter Subsea Display System is a user configurable unit which acts as a counter and an analogue display on subsea tools, modules and installations without the need for a complex control system or datalink.

The 2x4 Digit Jupiter Subsea Display System allows critical measurement of process values such as turns, torque, pressure or extension to be monitored at a relatively low cost and can be set to display accurately scaled values of any variable to 0.3%.

The Jupiter Subsea Display System is supplied with a range of interfaces including strain gauge, analogue input and switch / proximity sensors.

The user can set scale and other variables for each input to their particular application.

The inbuilt light sensor enables the system only when illuminated by the ROV’s lights, allowing it to remain dormant for months or years.

Features & Benefits

  • 3,000msw rated rugged design
  • Stand-alone operation with long battery life
  • Ultra low power with selectable dormant state
  • Can be used in conjunction with a control system to provide dual redundancy
  • Ideal for stand alone torque tool turns AND torque display
  • Provides measurement accurate to 0.3%
  • Provides count display
  • Accepts single or quadrature counter inputs
  • User programmable scaling
  • RS232 output of displayed value



Transducer Interfaces

 Counter Sensor Interface

 Suitable for reed switch contact closures, 2 or 3 wire poximity sesnors including NAMUR type

 Strain Gauge Sensor Interface

 Strain Gauge Measurement Accuracy:

 Offset Variation:

 Transducer Sensitivity Range:


 ±1.0% of full scale (from 10% to 100% of full scale)

 ±1.0% of full scale

 2, 5 and 10mV/V


 Sensor Supply

 +5V nominal  up to 20mA

 +10V nominal up to 10mA


 Digital Inputs

 Maximum Input Frequency:

 Minimum Dwell Time:



 250µ seconds



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