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Jupiter Io - Subsea Fast Ethernet Switch and Data Multiplexor


The leaders in subsea control

Zetechtics are world leaders in subsea control systems for ROV Intervention tooling to the oil and gas energy markets, providing proven industry solutions many of which are continually working in high integrity applications.



Jupiter Io provides all the functionality of a high specification 24 Port Fast Ethernet Managed Switch, but 4000m subsea.

Data connection to the surface is over dual redundant 1Gb fibres. In addition Jupiter Io provides data conversion for video signals, RS232, RS422 and RS485. Other interfaces are available on request.

Jupiter Io operates from 24V DC or 115V AC, is 4000m depth rated, and requires no expensive special surface rack as the fibres terminate to conventional COTS Fast Ethernet Switches fitted with bi-directional SFP modules. This integrates the subsea equipment with the surface network.

Jupiter Io can also act as a Subsea Hub allowing absolutely standard Jupiter units to be connected together for larger or more complex control systems. This removes the need for custom designed Master / Slave units operating in a daisy chain.


Features & Benefits


Low cost solution for subsea integration

No expensive surface unit required

• Dual redundant 1Gb single mode fibre datalinks to the surface

• 24 Ports - Subsea Fast Ethernet 10/100Mb

  o 4 Ports dedicated for Fast Ethernet

  o Up to 12 modular ports for conventional serial channels (RS232 / RS422 / RS485) or Fast Ethernet

  o Up to 8 modular ports for video digitizer modules converting PAL/NTSC video to H264 data streams

• 2 Ports --- for Gigabit data interfaces or Gigabit Ethernet system expansion 

• Interfaces for any industry standard video, sensors, control and monitoring systems, sonars, or any other        equipment with a compatible interface

• Modular Jupiter construction allows different customer requirements to be accommodated cost effectively.




Dedicated Ports

4 dedicated Fast Ethernet Ports.

2 dedicated Gigabit Ethernet Ports for Jupiter Io system expansion or Gigabit Ethernet data

Ports are electrically isolated

Modular Ports

The Jupiter Io features a modular internal construction that allows easy configuration to client requirements.

Special functionality can be added via custom modules for a client’s special requirements

Video Digitiser Ports

Up to 8 video digitiser modules can be fitted. Each module can digitise a single SD PAL / NTSC video channel (HD video under development)

Video inputs are electrically isolated (option).

Fast Ethernet Data Ports

Up to 6 Fast Ethernet Port Modules (2 ports per module) Ports are electrically isolated

Serial Data Ports

Up to 6 Serial Data Port Modules (2 ports per module)

Each port can be RS232 / RS422 / RS485, Full or Half Duplex via software configuration Serial ports are electrically isolated


One or two Gigabit fibre channels, 9/125 single mode fibre interface

Fibre channels feature link, aggregation / dual redundancy

min 16dB attenuation, higher power available on request

Connector Fit

Connector fit can be changed to suit client requirements


DDM / DOM on fibre links

4 x Water Detectors (to external Jupiter systems) Switch diagnostics accessible


90-125 Volts ac, 45-66Hz, 24V Raw, unsmoothed DC (option).

125 VA (max), 50 VA (typical)

Surface Hardware

Insert the 1 (or 2) fibres into bidirectional SFPs (supplied) and install into standard COTS Ethernet switch


Surface Software

Drivers for Windows provided for all serial ports.

Video can be displayed on any PC / laptop running a browser that can display H.264 video streams.

Video recording & serving can be accomplished by COTS NAS system unit such as QNAP or Netgear.

Ethernet Switch Features

Nonblocking switch fabric, Fully compliant to DSL Forum TR-101

MAC Address learning

DoS attack prevention

Programmable per-port and perqueue

Bandwidth/Rate control

Port Mirroring, IGMP/MLD snooping

VLAN Features

Port-based VLAN

MAC-based VLAN

Protocol-based VLAN

VLAN-based direct forwarding

Flexible QinQ support

Ingress / Egress VLAN Mapping

IEE802 Support

IEEE 802.1 Q-based VLAN

IEEE 802.1d/1s/1w Spanning Tree

IEEE 802.1x Extensible

Authentication Protocol Over LAN

(EAPOL) higher layer protocol

IEEE 802.3ah OAM remote loopback and trap OAM protocol packets to IMP port

IEEE 802.1p-, Port/Virtual Port-,

Protocol-, VID-, and DiffServ-based

(IPv4/IPv6) QoS packet classification with eight priority queues per port

Depth Rating

4,000 msw (6,000 msw option available)

Size & Weight

362mm L x 325mm W x 140mm H (Excluding Connectors)

Air - 25kg inc. fittings & oil

Water - 12kg inc. fittings & oil

Hydraulic Ports

Fill & Drain – 3/8” BSP

Compensation Volume – 8 litres


6082 Al Alloy Anodised to BS5599

Other materials available on request

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