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Jupiter 2 Remote Control Unit (RCU)

The leaders in subsea control

Zetechtics are world leaders in subsea control systems for ROV Intervention tooling to the oil and gas energy markets, providing proven industry solutions many of which are continually working in high integrity applications.


The Jupiter Remote Control Unit (RCU) offers a powerful control system that integrates torque tool control, high flow control & deployment or skid functions into a single unit with sensor inputs and powerful software control.

The system consists of a single valve pack with a fully integrated dual proportional control system. The compact & low cost unit is suitable for use with a variety of Torque Tools operated from any Work Class ROV.

The control system is supplied with all the parts required to operate from a standard PC or laptop using the powerful Jupiter GUI software which allows total user control over the operation of the Jupiter system. The user only requires power (AC or DC) & communication (RS232, RS485 or Ethernet).

The system includes a Data-logger and features Automatic Calibration of the Torque Tools & Sensors, User Customisable Set-up and comprehensive diagnostics.



  • Simplify Skid Design, SIT & in field integration
  • Easily transferable between Skid, Tools & ROVs
    maximises return on investment
  • ‘Closed-Box’ configuration, no internal access required for links, fuses, datalink settings, etc.
  • Field Proven & Supported Worldwide
  • Fully Secure Calibration & Setup
  • Powerful User Accessible Software Tools
    User retains control over all aspects of
    Software Functionality & GUI Design
  • Surface Software runs on PC or laptop
  • Compact, Light Weight & Low Cost
  • Calibration, user interface & operation held in secure set-up file which can be quickly changed for multiple tasks or tools
  • 2 x Proportional Pressure & Flow Controls
    0-210 Bar, 0-24 lpm, Torque & Speed calibrated.
    250 Bar Tool Pressure Transducer as standard.
    0-210 Bar, 0-90 lpm, Pressure & Speed calibrated.
    250 Bar High Flow Pressure Monitor
  • 4 x Bi-Directional Solenoid Valves (11 lpm)
    adjustable pressure & flow on each valve
  • Real Time Torque Feedback & Tool Turns
    8 x Digital / Analogue Sensor Inputs (Option).
    2 x Differential Pressure Transducers (Option).
    All inputs user configurable.
  • Strain Gauge Interfaces accurate to 0.5%, designed to handle large strain gauge offsets
  • Power - 115v AC 50/60 Hz or 24v Raw DC
    Data – Isolated RS485/232, 18 updates/sec.
  • RS232/485, Half/Full Duplex switching via IR remote, Auto Baud Rate Detection.
  • Size – 446L x 325W x 195H
    Weight – 39kg (air), 49kg (includ oil), 28kg (water)
    Depth Rating - 4000 msw

Hydraulic Valve Fit

1 x NG6 Pressure & Flow Control
1 x M33 Pressure & High Flow Control Proportional Valve drives use stable
12 bit Constant Current Drive.
Pressure Control Valves have 250 Bar transducers to monitor pressure
4 x NG3 Bi-directional solenoid valves with externally adjustable fully shrouded meter out throttles.

Optional Fit

Externally adjustable pressure reducing valves for each NG3 valve
with corrosion resistant coating.

Sensor Input

8 x Sensor Inputs with software selectable mode:
4-20mA or 0-10V analogue inputs
or 24v Digital Sensors with High Speed (8kHz) Counters for TT Turns count, etc. (option).

Precision Analogue Inputs

4 x 16 bit Analogue Inputs 4-20mA, 0-10v, Strain Gauge, etc.
12 bit measurement resolution
Auto Zero available on all inputs.
Strain Gauge inputs feature Subsea auto zero to remove large scale offsets directly at the subsea input.

Pressure Transducers

250 Bar Tool / High Flow Pressure Transducers fitted as standard.
400 / 700 / 1200 Bar sensors option.
±10 Bar option for suction anchors

Hydraulic System

System I/P Pressure 315 bar max.
Tool Pressure 2 - 210 Bar
Tool Flow 0 - 24 lpm (cw & ccw)
High Flow 0 - 90 lpm (Bi-directional)
Solenoid ports 8/15 lpm, 5-210 Bar
Externally Adjustable flow & pressure

Hydraulic  Ports

Pressure & Tank – 3/8” BSP
Torque Tool – 3/8” BSP
Solenoid – 1/8” BSP
Fill & Drain – 3/8” BSP
Tool Case Drain - 1/8” BSP
High Flow – ¾” / 1” BSP
Isolated Pressure & Tank Ports


6082 Al Alloy Anodised to BS5599.


90-125 Volts ac, 45-66Hz,
150 Watts (+ Lights).
24V Raw, unsmoothed DC (option).


RS485 / 232 fully isolated to 1500v,
Auto Baud rate detection.
QTP/STP copper link or integrated into ROV data hub if available.
Ethernet, fully isolated to 1500v, available or retrofitted if required (option)



Monitoring of AC Input Volts
AC Input Current
Valve Volts & Current
Electronic Supplies Volts & Current
Internal Oil Temperature
Hours Run Meter
Communication Protocol
Alarm Data Logger
Insulation Resistance
4 x Water Detectors


The GUI is completely under the users control with custom graphics, mathematics to suit tool requirements.


All calibration & settings fully password secured with security system that allows user to control which parts of the system are accessible to field technicians
Jupiter System Software with comprehensive user settings for calibration, interlocks, semi-automatic control, Alarm Settings Default States, Datalogger, Survey Interface, etc..


Using the integrated maths pack the user can quickly create new functions, interlocks or automatic procedures.


Log job data to disk as required with job notes.  All of the Datalogger fields are fully user definable.

Survey Interface

Jupiter can be connected to external hardware or ROV system using user-defined protocol over RS232 link to pass any data backwards or forwards (option).

Camera & Lights

Powers 2 x PAL/NTSC cameras for connection to ROV video suite.  Lights options allows for the control of 2 x 250W 115V AC lights for additional skid lighting.

Auto Calibrate

Using a Torque Analyser with a serial output this feature allows rapid calibration of the Strain Gauge Sensor & Pressure Control valve.  Fast calibration mode for rapid setup using ROV HPU (option).

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