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Manipulator Control System

The leaders in subsea control

Zetechtics are world leaders in subsea control systems for ROV Intervention tooling to the oil and gas energy markets, providing proven industry solutions many of which are continually working in high integrity applications.



Jupiter 2 Proportional Manipulator Control System

  • Can proportionally operate Subsea Manipulators

  • Option 1 - Manipulator Control consisting of: 7 x NG3 Proportional Flow Control Bi-DirectionalValves
  • Option 2 - As above with additional 1 x NG6 Press & Bi-Direct Flow Control Prop Valve &
    • 4 x NG3 Bi-directional Solenoid Valves

Zetechtics designed and built a new variant of the Jupiter 2 ROV intervention tooling control system specifically for proportional control of manipulators. With two Jupiter 2 Control System options – one with manipulator control and additional Torque Tool control (housed in one enclosure) and the second unit – controlling just the manipulator. This provides first class control of manipulators such as the Schilling Atlas Arm and other industry Manipulators providing a High Quality, Low Cost solution.

Zetechtics’ range of Jupiter Subsea Control Systems offer one of the most advanced solutions for the control and instrumentation of hydraulic tools and systems integrated into a single unit. Our ultra-compact and light weight units provide both simple on/off, proportional pressure and bi-directional flow control.

Expandable functionality can be achieved through the use of Master/Slave arrangements or system modification. Jupiter systems can interface with our High Flow Valve Packs or third party equipment, as required.

All systems come with the powerful Jupiter software, which allows total user control over the operation of the Jupiter system. Software features include Data-logging, Automatic Calibration of Torque Tools, User Customisable Set-up and comprehensive diagnostics.

All supplied systems are supported in the field through a dedicated Technical Support Helpline available 24/7 via phone or e-mail.  In addition, we offer a program of Certified Jupiter training courses that can be delivered throughout the world.

Software Upgrades are available free of charge.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for Schilling Atlas Arm, and other manipulators
  • 7 x NG3 Proportional Flow Control Bi-Directional
  • Open Centre Valves
  • 6 valves fitted with Counterbalance Valves for impact absorbtion and load holding
  • 7th Valve (Jaw) fitted with pressure relief but no load holding to allow release in dead sub situation
  • Full proportional control means the arm can be moved very delicately and precisely, or more quickly
  • Compact light weight housing
  • 4000m deep water rated
  • X-Box Controller including Wireless Receiver
  • Joystick option available
  • Two Water Detectors Fitted
  • Torque Tool Control option
  • Surface Software runs on PC or laptop
  • Intuitive and user friendly GUI
  • Adjustable gain or rate control settings for the speed of operation






Bi-directional Proportional Solenoid Valve functions, each with externally mounted manually adjustable counterbalance valves

0-250 Bar, 5-15lpm (Factory set to 250 Bar @ 5lt/min)
Hydraulic System Supply:  
Pressure (Optional Internal Pressure Transducer) 250 Bar maximum
Tank/Return 100 Bar maximum
Fluid Temp -20 to 50°C
Supply Voltage 24Volts DC ±10%
Supply Current 5 Amps
Supply Power 120 Watts
 Internal Sensor & Camera Supply:  
Voltage User configurable from 15VDC to 20VDC
Power 30 Watts
NOTE: All Cameras and Sensors have individually switched and monitored power supplies capable of delivering up to 400mA  
Size: 391x208x195mm


without compensation oil and fittings

Estimated; 22.2kg (air) without compensation oil and fittings



  All Jupiter2 Control Systems are supplied with laptop, rack mount or panel PC installed with the Jupiter software and all parts required to operate.

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