Electric Torque Tool


Zetechtics are pleased to announce the delivery of our first Electric Torque Tools to several clients this month.

The Jupiter Electric Torque Tool is the culmination of many years of development to deliver a full functionality tool that is easy to use and features comprehensive fail-safe systems to ensure reliable operation in the field.

The API 17D Class 1 - 4 design interfaces with subsea production systems and can produce precisely controlled torque up to 2,711N.m (2,000 lbf-ft).

The tool integrates an electric motor, gear box and sprung loaded, nested, multi-class sockets (up to 1.5” square stem) with a  powerful motor controller.

The tool also incorporates electrically controlled latches (optional) to allow FLOT operations, the latches do not require external hydraulics.

The tool interfaces via an Ethernet connection to a laptop providing comprehensive control, feedback, datalogging and diagnostics.


Download Jupiter API 17D Electric Torque Tool Datasheet