The challenge that 2020 has presented to humanity thus far, in many cases tragically, can’t be understated. National economies and individual businesses have been challenged, often as never before. In the energy business, where most of our activity is, the related collapse in commodity prices has caused significant contraction.

At Zetechtics, we try hard to focus on what we can control:

1. The safety and wellbeing of everyone connected with our business.

2. Our commitment to quality.

3. The value our technologies add to customer operations.

4. Being responsive, with a 24/7 support service.

5. Supporting our supply chain, who we need as much as they need us.

This focus has always been there, and has served us well in these tough times. Existing customers in both our domestic and international markets have continued to favour us with orders for our “Jupiter” family of Subsea Products. And we have actually added new customers around the world in this most challenging of years.

Thanks to all who've supported Zetechtics in 2020. We wish you and your loved ones Health & Happiness over the holiday period and on into 2021.