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Certified Jupiter Training

Training Facilities & Instructors

Our courses can be run from your premises, Zetechtics head office or any of our agents’ locations worldwide. Pre-course requirements will be provided to you to ensure participants achieve their potential and objectives are met.

We understand the importance of training and our dedicated training instructors are experienced Jupiter engineers who understand the complexities of control applications.

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Jupiter Training Courses

Jupiter Technician

This course is designed for technical personnel involved in the installation, commissioning and basic set-up and operation of Jupiter Systems.   Comprising both theoretical, classroom-based activities and practical hands-on experience, students will also work through maintenance and basic fault-finding exercises. The course is designed to ensure that the student can identify how system down time can be kept to a minimum with a strong focus on application specific fault finding.


To ensure that students achieve their full potential it is necessary that they have:

  • Basic offshore engineering experience
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Experience with electronics and hydraulic systems (advantage but not a requirement)

Learning Outcomes

Each student will sit an exam at the end of the course, the results of which will be returned to the company with a report. Certificates will be awarded to successful students.

Upon successful completion of the course students should be capable of:

  • System installation and operation
  • Basic Jupiter Software set-up and configuration
  • Valve & sensor calibration
  • Torque tool calibration
  • Basic fault finding
  • Basic system maintenance and part replacement 

Additional Training Elements

Whilst the basic operation of any Jupiter Control System is common, this course can be tailored to bespoke applications such as:

  • Suction Anchor
  • Friction Welder
  • Pipeline Coating Removal Tool 


Jupiter Supervisor

The most demanding course available dealing with advanced software set-up such as maths pack functions and user graphics.  The advanced features of this course are delivered by the engineers that write the Jupiter Software.


To ensure that students achieve their full potential it is necessary that they have:

  • Successful completion of Jupiter Technician course
  • Extensive operational experience using Jupiter Systems

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course students should be capable of:

  • Utilising advanced Maths Pack features
  • Create non-linear functions using Maths Pack Arrays
  • Create custom GUIs for complex control applications
  • Link external hardware control consoles to control functions
  • Understanding the integration of custom code into the Jupiter Software


Jupiter Manager

This course is aimed at both technical and non-technical personnel involved in the specification and/or management of Jupiter Systems.  The Jupiter Managers Course offers practical hands-on experience to senior staff who do not usually get the opportunity and empowering them with the required knowledge and understanding to specify control system requirements and manage operational teams.


No previous experience is necessary however it is expected students will have a good understanding of subsea tooling applications.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful attendance of the course students will leave with:

  • Understanding of control system requirements and their specification
  • Introduction to Jupiter Software set-up and configuration
  • Introduction to Jupiter System operation
  • Understanding of maintenance and fault-finding principles
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