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Subsea In Line Contamination Monitor (ICM)


The leaders in subsea control

Zetechtics are world leaders in subsea control systems for ROV Intervention tooling to the oil and gas energy markets, providing field proven solutions many of which are continually working in high integrity applications.



The ICM unit is designed to be permanently mounted on an ROV or other subsea hydraulic system to continually monitor the hydraulic system fluid for both particulate and water contamination.


 The ICM presents its results via 2 simple 4-20mA outputs; one represents the NAS cleanliness standard, the other % RH (Relative Humidity).  Detailed cleanliness information is also available via an RS485 serial data interface.

The RS485 interface also provides comprehensive control & setup together with detailed fluid status information on a continual basis to the ROV control system for ultimate performance.

The ICM can operate as a stand-alone unit requiring only 24V, storing tests to its 4000 sample memory.  To aid Deck & ROV operators a basic GO / NO GO indicator is clearly visible on the outside of the unit which can be monitored by an ROV camera.

The ICM can be set to continually or periodically conduct tests with pre-set pass parameters or conduct individual tests when commanded by an RS485 link or digital pulse from the ROV.

The ICM is compatible with common ROV hydraulic fluids either mineral oil or synthetic based.  Water Glycol version available – contact Zetechtics for further information.

Features & Benefits

  • Prevents unseen minor faults from developing into major contamination problems
  • Provides precision fluid cleanliness results and pass / fail data for electronic maintenance records
  • Several modes of operation depending on availability of spare ROV data or analogue channels
  • Can operate as a stand-alone unit with only 24V power from the ROV
  • Inbuilt memory stores cleanliness test results for periodic download
  • Adjustable sample periods & test durations and triggered tests for pre & post dive checks
  • Visual indication of the pass / fail or low flow for viewing on deck or subsea via an ROV camera
  • 24V Power, interface via 4-20mA inputs or RS485 serial data link to the supplied surface software
  • Lightweight titanium unit weighing 4.2 kg in air and 2.3kg in seawater
  • Rated for use to 4000m water depth
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