Leading on from the success of the Jupiter Subsea Control Systems, Zetechtics have now designed and produced the latest Class 1-4 Rotary Docking (API 17D) Torque Tool. The concept was to design the tool from the ground up, ensuring quality and detail at every turn with the emphasis on repeatable accuracy and reliability. Each tool comprises of a hydraulic motor & planetary gear box, again designed in house to ensure that maximum efficiency and size are not compromised in any way.

With the option of a spring loaded front ‘end-effector’ (multi class) or by removing the unwanted classes you can fix the desired class for 1-2, 3 or 4 as well as utilising a Petrobras adaptor if required. Not content with just the Petrobras adaptor, our design engineers produced a full Petrobras style front end with either option easily separated cleanly (without touching the compensation on the main body) to provide a fixed standard / style when required.

One motor provides 2, 711N.m (2,000lbf-ft) via high / low gear shift with a high pressure indicator with both visual indication, when used with a Jupiter 2 Subsea Control System, (with the correct software version and configuration), it is possible to determine direction of rotation from the internal quadrature sensors.  This is encoded on the single turns count output using Zetechtics’ proprietary turns count electrical interface, together with gear box status again with the emphasis on accuracy.

Each Torque Tool now comes with 3 Year manufacturers warranty as standard!