Zetechtics are pleased to be able to offer an exciting new product for use in the Subsea Industry. The world’s first Subsea Inline Contamination Monitor (Subsea ICM) rated to 4000m. The ICM unit is designed to operate on a ‘stand-alone’ basis or ideally ‘permanently mounted’ on ROV / Trenchers or any subsea hydraulic systems, providing local or live monitoring of system hydraulic fluid for Particulate Contamination, Water Ingress  (% RH), Temperature and Low Flow.


Our customers find that the ICM unit is unobtrusive and saves time whilst instantly providing real time monitoring of hydraulic circuits during operations without the need to take samples of the oil for post analysis. It operates by sampling the hydraulic circuit in real time and by monitoring for particle extinction, a separate sensor determines the % RH and oil temp.


Each unit undergoes a rigorous testing regime to ensure that each ICM has been robustly tested and will operate as expected. Its lightweight design and Titanium housing weighs only 4.2Kg in air and 2.3Kg in water. It is rated to operate to a Max fluid pressure of 400Bar Absolute max or 4000m water depth when connected to the hydraulic return circuit.


Its internal memory and automatic data logger function can also store 4000 contamination results for periodic download as required. The contamination readings are stated NAS/ISO & AS standards and can be easily configured by the customer for specific pass/fail parameters, sample time period and duration. The results are easily exported to Excel or printed in Calibration Certificate format.


There is no doubt that for the first time ever, the subsea ICM unit will provide early warning of contamination on subsea hydraulic circuit’s before the system ends up on expensive downtime after an equipment failure event. Whilst it provides the equipment operators a clear visual Go/No Go Indication and continuous monitoring, it can be used to assist the operator with warranty claims especially during the OEM warranty period and through life reliability of the overall system on an ongoing basis.


The ICM can be used with most common ROV mineral Oils or Synthetic based environmentally friendly oils and may prevent the need to change the expensive oils unnecessarily as part of a planned preventative maintenance program. For further information on the specification and full functionality of the Subsea ICM unit please contact Zetechtics Ltd