Zetechtics have designed and built a new variant of the Jupiter 2 ROV intervention tooling control system specifically for proportional control of manipulators.  The system was tested with an FMCTI Schilling Atlas 7R manipulator.  It is an attractive solution to this application for a number of reasons including: reliability, common components with other Jupiter 2 control systems and familiarity of trained technicians with Jupiter 2 hardware and software.

The system has 7 fully proportional bidirectional hydraulic valves, and the associated counterbalance and pressure relief valves for smooth and precise operation.  There is also the option of adding Torque Tool Control providing further capability. 

The Control System is supplied with all the parts required to operate from a standard PC or laptop using the powerful GUI software which allows total user control over the operation of the Jupiter system and manipulator.

The user control interface for the manipulator is via an X-Box wireless controller, however other options are available.

For further information and availability please contact sales@zetechtics.com