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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having trouble communicating with my Jupiter Sebsea Control System, what do you recommend that I do?

  • Check The datalink configuration against the Quick Start Guide


The license dongle for my Jupiter Subsea Control System is missing, will the system still operate?

  • If a dongle is lost or mislaid and the software version is 5.42 or later it will continue to operate for one month.  We recommend you obtain a newdongle from Zetechtics as soon as possible.
  • For earlier versions of software use the password provided or contact Zetechtics >>> 24 Hour Technical Support.
  • Zetechtics can also issue license keys and passwords to enable software features while a new dongle is supplied >>> Learn more about dongles...


What compensation fluid should I use in my Jupiter Subsea Control System?

  • Zetechtics recommend the use of Shell Diala B/BP / Engergol JS-A (or equivalent) transformer oil.


Do I need to pay to use the 24 Hour Technical Support service?

  • No.  Zetechtics offer FREE technical support for the life of the system.  A service agreement isn’t required and the telephone hotline is not a premium rate number.


The manuals for my Subsea Control System have been misplaced, where can I find them?

  • If you have lost your hard copy manuals then you will find digital copies in PDF format included on both the Jupiter Software installation CD and data stick delivered with your system.


If you are unsure about any aspects of the set-up and operation of your Jupiter system please contact our technical support team >>> 24 Hour Technical Support


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